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"The renderings of horses depicted in ancient Egyptian architecture are monuments to the fact that the Arabian horse is larger than life.  Pharaohs prized it, and artists captured its unique type, leaving us a visual legacy of its natural beauty, grace and spirit.  While temples and tombs will crumble with time, the Egyptian Arabian horse has survived through time as a living and immortal treasure." -- Judith Forbis
Welcome to Sumerlan Egyptian Arabians!  Our vision is to preserve classic, ethereal Arabian  type and beauty, an overall picture of balance, harmony and refinement, noble and willing temperaments with free movement in front and strong drive from behind.   With stallion consideration Nazeer blood is emphasized, through  Ansata Ibn Halima, and *Morafic.  With mare consideration through Imperial Maysama, Ansata Nile Mist, RDM Maar Hala and*Fawkia.  Breeding program influences include Ansata Stud, Imperial Egyptian Stud, Rancho Bulakenyo and Black Wind Arabians.


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SumerlanBloodstockEtaya Sudan AmirContact Us